Chapter 10: Separation—Only Separation
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Separation—Only Separation 253

bcultural, economic, religious, social, and communal lives, bwithout those government benefits available only to citi- bzens. The state shall limit the number of noncitizens in baccordance with security considerations.


bThose who refuse to accept noncitizen status shall be com- bpensated for property, but not given a bonus, and shall be btransferred only to Arab—not Western—lands. The btransfer shall be effected peacefully, if possible, but if the bArab still refuses, then forcibly and without compensation. bThe Arabs who are transferred shall be taken to the Leba- bnese or Jordanian borders or to the area separating Israel band Egypt.


bRemaining Arabs who have pledged loyalty to the Jewish bstate, but who shall subsequently be found guilty of na- btional or security offenses, and all those who knowingly baid such people shall not be imprisoned but shall be de- bported without compensation.


bThe world Jewish community shall be thoroughly in- bformed on the problem and especially on the consequences bof failing to carry it out. World Jewry shall be asked to bmount an emergency campaign to finance the emigration bprogram.


bIn the meantime, there shall be a campaign to persuade the bArabs to leave voluntarily. Arabs shall be required to serve bfor three years in a work corps beginning at the age of beighteen, and for one month every year thereafter. No Arab bshall be allowed to study in a university without a declara- btion of loyalty to the Jewish state.


bTaxes shall be collected fully from the Arabs of Israel, bunlike the present policy which allows a vast amount of btax evasion. Similarly, a firm and vigorous policy will bprevent land seizure and illegal building by Arabs.


bNational insurance payments shall be limited to Jews only.


bThere shall be created, within the context of national army bservice, labor battalions for Jews, which will train them in b 

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Chapter 10: Separation—Only Separation